Frequently Asked Questions

So….What is this Walk to Emmaus all about anyway?  The Walk to Emmaus is a three-day weekend retreat designed to help one grow deeper in faith and draw closer to Christ. It’s a powerful experience of Christian spiritual renewal and formation.  In short, it’s an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ in a new way.

What happens on an Emmaus Weekend?  The objective of Emmaus is to inspire, challenge, and equip.  You’ll enjoy three days of learning, laughing, worshiping, reflecting, and praying.  You’ll hear talks given by laity and clergy which present the theme of God’s grace.  You’ll discover how grace is real in your life.  How you can live a life filled with grace…..and how you can share that grace with others.

I heard cellphones aren’t allowed on The Walk to Emmaus….Is that true?  This is absolutely true.  In addition to cellphones, laptops, computers, IPads, smartphones, pagers and even wristwatches are prohibited.  The idea is for one to use the Emmaus retreat as a chance to un-plug from this world, and focus on growing in one’s faith.

Is Emmaus a Methodist thing?  Absolutely!  While it is open to all denominations, The Walk to Emmaus is sponsored by The Upper Room.

Is there a similar retreat for youth?   Yes!  Chrysalis is for teens ages 15-18 yrs and  Journey  is for ages 19-24 yrs.  Many of our youth have been on a Chrysalis Flights,  go to for more information

When are the next set of Emmaus Walks? See the Calendar or Events page

Should I consider going?  Emmaus may not be right for everyone, but if you are interested in growing in your faith….The Walk to Emmaus is an outstanding way to do just that.

OK, I’m interested.  How do I sign up?  One doesn’t exactly sign-up for Emmaus…..The Walk to Emmaus begins with prayerful discernment and an invitation from a sponsor or you can approach someone who’s been on an Emmaus Walk and ask about sponsorship.

Emmaus is a powerful and wonderful experience, any member of the community would be eager to talk with you about it… you find a sponsor….or perhaps….even sponsor you themselves for an upcoming walk. If interested in finding a sponsor please email